April 4th, 2005


what the?

I seem to have a mild poison ivy rash on the pads of both my thumbs, and a tiny bit on the pads of the fingers opposing them. It's barely noticeable except when closing Ziploc bags, which is the only activity that I can think of that particularly involves those surfaces.

Can you get poison ivy secondhand via Ziploc bag zippers?

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about the okcupid match scores

The OKCupid match scores are about much you and someone else are each what the other is looking for, not how "similar" you are! So when you use the "compare" function on your _own_ profile, thus generating a "match percentage", that score reflects how similar your "ideal match" would be to yourself! It should not be 100% unless you are looking for someone exactly like you, which may or may not be advisable in the first place!

I match myself 95%, which I think is a little high. I suspect I have been too equivocal in my answers, and need to go back and increase the importance of some of the questions that I care the most about.

The "QkCupid! FAAAQ!" covers this in a way that's worth reading:Collapse )