January 1st, 2005


Happy Remember to Write the New Year on Checks

This New Years I let the winds carry me where they may. I woke up around 21:00 yesterday, literally wondering what year it was, although not as dramatic as that sounds, and upon finding it was still 2004, decided I would attend whatever party drew me to it. Saw that fulguritus and achild were planning a disco nap before partying and the timing was perfect, so when they set out for the evening I tagged along. Ended up therefore at the one party that was almost completely free of any emotional entenglements or carriers of the memories of them, which was refreshing I suppose. The one exception was positive; P came late to the party from work, and we had several pleasant little conversations without getting Tripped up over anything, so to speak. It was all very mellow.

Hitched a ride home 'bout an hour ago from striggy, who had to go in to work and works near where I live. Nice to finally meetcha!

I just finished my tea and I think it's time for some breakfast. Eggs and bacon. I'm going to walk over to a breakfasty place. I'll bring my laptop.

Haha, it occurs to me I almost never write these mundane sorts of entries, but they are so important! No cleverness here, just telling you where I've been and stuff. It's like I'm a real person and everything!
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Just take a moment and imagine how much damage I could do if I learned how to make Flash animations.
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