December 31st, 2004


notes to self

singularity-catalyzing things I should post about:

- my custom bookmarklets for furl/spurl + when used with tabbed browsing
- What's on my Treo 600
- my "life"journal
- Pjournal as a life-journaling tool
- my application-use logger script(s)
- centralizing time-series data ala lifejournal
- chaining music tools (Helium Music manager, musicbrainz, iTunes, WinAmp, evillyrics)
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Trip's Dishwashing Dance Party Mix 2004-12-29

Trip's Dishwashing Dance Party Mix 2004-12-29

I like to play music while I do my twice-weekly chore of washing the dishes. Loud. It's a dance party! Tracks are shown here in playlist order, but I always use 'shuffle all', so there's no telling what order these actually played in.

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