December 25th, 2004


memory foam

Sitting around the Christmas tree, with grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, and watching my 3-year-old nephew running around and around the house with his toy truck, yelling "hello, everybody!" and "goodbye everybody!" every time he comes around again. I'm touched (and amazed) that he's made a special effort to learn my name and greet me with it. You can see him pause and concentrate for a second when he does it.

It does seem a little strange that I don't have 2 little ones of my own. But in this universe I have no children and no wife. I'm pretty sure that this is one of the less probable universes. But here we are. I'm sure if I concentrated just a little I could remember their names. A boy, and a girl, I think. Ehh, let it go.

Maybe they show up later in this life. I'll be a silly old Dad at any age, so it could be. ....I guess there's still the better part of a decade (or two?) to figure it out. There're enough people in this world, I don't _need_ to make more. At least I think.
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    The Shamen - Best of All Possible Worlds