December 16th, 2004


"Tell me more about you."

"Tell me more about you."

That's the kind of question that never gets a response because it gives me too many options. I end up setting it aside to answer "properly", and once it's out of sight, it's gone. That happens to me a lot. So I'm saying this instead!

My favorite food is BBQ.

I wrote a song once.

There are people who like to hang out with me just to hear what I'll say.

I also have a lot of randomness at
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Ramblin' (Girly) Man

Girliness in progress!

Come on by. It's a party. We have a naughty French version of Beauty and the Beast, and board games and such if that's more your speed. And whatever you bring, eh?

Bring booze, we're running low.


Cecil is one of my housemates, not me.
I *am* wearing a black velvet dress.
You *are* welcome.
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