December 14th, 2004

borg prince

for tarian

Jorge Luis of Borges
Borges, wearing borg headgear like he was born with it

We are the Borges.
Lower your shields, and surrender your mind.
We will appropriate your language and literature
and add their distinctiveness to our own.
Your reality will adapt to service ours.
Resistance is fertile.

Philosophy is perplexity;
Thought is conjecture;
Poetry is the deepest form of rationality.
You must comply.

Time is irrelevant.
Death is irrelevant.
Your rational faculties
are unable to withstand us.

Resistance is fertile.
There is no intellectual exercise which is not ultimately useless.
Reality may avoid the obligation to be interesting, but hypothesis may not.

an old black-and-white photo of borges. with Borg headgear and shoulder accessories. Borges in full Vegas Borg attire.
el ultraísmo

[borges! what are you doing! look at the camera!
how am i supposed to assimilate you if you keep grinning like that? hey!]


To talk closely to Jorge Luis Borges is to track him through a labyrinth of his pasts experiences and attitudes, and the walls that one encounters in the search might be painted in unexpected ways. These may furnish clues or merely diversions in the pursuit, but to understand Borges at least partially is to realize that these clues and diversions are the Borges. We must not expect to find Borges the same each time. There is not one Borges, but many.

- From the introduction to an interview in the Artful Dodge on April 25, 1980.

In contrast to his scholarship in Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Buddhist sources, Borges' understanding of Hinduism seems largely through a sympathetic lens provided by Rudyard Kipling, as in "The Approach to Al Mutasim". And the Book of Imaginary Beings weighs in heavily on fantastic beings from the mythologies of Europe but hardly at all from East Asia. Nevertheless, had blindness not handicapped his scholarship, no one can say what further languages and literatures he might have assimilated.

- Wikipedia

and many, many more, perhaps later...