November 5th, 2004


"One day I woke up in Miami"

Hey, um, I won't be home this weekend. I'm writing from mid-roadtrip to the annual NASCO Institute event in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I just finished my driving shift - 5 hours straight! A personal record, at least in recent memory. I find myself (for this brief moment) in the exquisitely-named city of... Effingham, Illinois. Effingham! Say it with an exclamation point! "WTF? Effingham!" I just made them that new slogan. They are welcome to use it.

What the hell are you talking about, Trip?
I'm the board chairman of a nonprofit organization in Austin that exists to encourage expansion of cooperative housing options and operates Sasona Co-op in South Austin, a 17-member house that was previously a school. I have the tiniest room and I find it ideally cozy. We have the awesomest wooden playground in the tree-lined, spacious backyard.
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Trip Report, Day 2: Volume 'I'

In the spirit of spirit-filled historic figures and events, I feel I should mark our progress before I take my well-deserved nap.
Illinois fell quickly to our bold, brazen advance. Rest stop by rest stop, gas station by gas station, this once-mighty stronghold of whatever Illinois is known for is already a fading memory as we continue toward territories which, with luck, will be easier to spell and pronounce.

Indiana, you are next!
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Trip Report, Day 2: Volume N: NASCAR - NASCO

Indiana and Michigan slipped by as your insipid intrepid reporter dozed, curled up in the back seat of the rental van with both pillows and a heavy blanket.

We arrived at our host coöp, Luther, in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and walked to the University of Michigan Student Union, and registered. We're gonna go eat. I'm hoping for a hot shower soon; I'm sure our hosts would appreciate it.