November 3rd, 2004


And a nation says, "can you fix my tie?"

So now all of the awful predictions about an electoral tie are really close to coming true.

Don't worry, tie or not, there are still 100,000+ provisional ballots in Ohio (just for example) that CAN'T be counted until 10 days from now.

lawsuits for everyone! wheeee!

Regardless of the left's inability to do anything else properly, at least I know they can do some serious fucking.

Now that's a proposal I can really get behind.

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Depends on your moral boundaries vs. your geographical ones

I suppose the logical extension of that might be that we should move to the country in the world that's the farthest "astray", and make our efforts there, since that would have a greater impact.

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Ooh, gotta throw some of the "now playing" lyrics in here:
Ready or not here we come
Gettin' down on the one which
We believe in
One nation under a groove,
gettin' down just for the funk
(Can I get it on my good foot)
Gettin' down just for the funk of it
(Good God)
'bout time I got down one time
One nation and we're on the move
Nothin' can stop us now
(Aye aye aye aye aye)
Feet don't fail me now
Give you more of what you're funkin' for
Feet don't fail me now
Do you promise to funk?
The whole funk, nothin' but the funk

Ready or not here we come
Gettin' down on the one which we believe in
Here's my chance to dance my way
Out of my constrictions
(Do do dee oh doo)
(Do do dee oh doo)
(You can dance away)
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