August 7th, 2004


The Infinite Cat Project

The Infinite Cat Project

cats looking at cats on a screen looking at cats on a screen....

You won't fully understand how wonderful this is until you've loaded the site and clicked "previous cat" about a dozen times. Then, it is dizzying.

I double-dare someone to make this into a flash animation. C'mon, it wouldn't be hard. Just a series of a few hundred slow zooms with a little rotation/distortion... you know you want to. Set it to appropriately bizarre and topical music and you have yourself the next Internet meme!

cats looking at cats on a screen looking at cats on a screen....

Roll out that special cat, this is our favorite one....

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Principled mostly means purposefully consistent

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Nader really has made a huge impact on the system, but from behind the scenes, running a gazillion nonprofit orgs and getting people working on things. 12 hours a day, he sees a problem, he gets some people together to work on it, often with letterhead and an office. I dig that. This presidential stuff is gravy. If I had an opportunity to yank people's chains like he's doing, I'd go for it in a heartbeat, even if it threw the election to the Moonies.

I think the Republicans have been equally disenfranchised by the current administration. Its rhetoric has been on target (even to the point of denying statements shortly after making them), but its actions have opposed what's written in the party platform. If the Democrats were as far off their own base, Kucinich would have been the nominee in a landslide.

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Edit: I don't mean that Kucinich is as far out in some direction as the current administration clearly is. I just mean if the Democrats were skewed analagously, Kucinich would have been the only acceptable choice. My preferences went something like: Nader, Kucinich, Edwards, Dean. I'd never even heard of Kerry. I felt like an ST:TNG character would, if they were to notice the sloppy retroactive continuity that jolted that show so often.