May 8th, 2004


The Adventures of the Time Being

Attended a housewarming party for the new neighbors of fulguritus and achild. (fulguritus's couch was a welcoming home to me for quite some time a few months back, and it was good to see those silly monkeys again.)

It was a superheroes-themed party, so I, Cryptic Man, wore my formal Indian (?) "dress-with-pants-for-men" iridescent burgandy gold-trimmed outfit that marrilee gave me at Burning Man, because she rocks so hard, and I also wore my authentic <em>telpek</em> Turkmen military hat and a pair of Solar Shield fit-over sunglasses (ass seen on TV!)

"I am the remander of the reminder of the remainder of the reindeer!" I announced, by way of introduction. (achild amazed me by repeating that phrase back to me, word for word, in the form of a question. He is the walrus!)

House warmed, dangerously cute new neighbors gained and met.

I'm home now. It's quiet... too quiet. My superpowers are restless and underused. Somewhere out there, there is a misguided clarity that cries out for nuance and perplexity! Pompadours and circumstances. Little pickles both gherkin and kosher. The lactations of the otters!

Mi hambre es Digo Montaña. Usted mató a mi pobre. ¡Prepárese para desayunar!
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