March 22nd, 2004


iTunes, uTunes

I've been using (the Windows version of) iTunes and I'm growing fond of one of the side effects of its design:  If you're playing tracks out of your library, which is what it does if you just poke at it (I don't read manuals, let alone follow instructions), it just keeps playing whatever's next on the list as it's currently sorted.  This is such a great improvement over my old default (forgetting I was listening to music at all until hours after it's stopped) that I've mostly quit using iTunes's playlist feature (File|New playlist, then double-click on the playlist that's created).

Also of interest is something I recommend to anyone who uses Microsoft Windows: use a separate networked PC to play music or other media.  Multitasking while producing sound without skipping is too much to ask of any Windows PC I've ever met.  But then, I ask a lot of my computers.  They crash a lot doing (two dozen or more interspersed) things I think are perfectly reasonable.
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Also, here's a new LJicon of an abandoned above-ground subway train station. Urban decay can be so beautiful. I love the stillness of this image of this place juxtaposed with its presumed history as a place full of motion and busy people.
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Just so you know where I get it

I mentioned my Instant Coffee Committment song to my mom on the phone recently, and she wanted to see it, so I e-mailed it to her. She sent this in reply:
Let me expresso my delight in reading your soon to be hit single. Its
robust flavor and enticing aroma is sure to perk the interest of all who indulge.
Make no beans about it. Good to the last drop!

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