April 22nd, 2003


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Hmm, I'm up early today.

I sewed a button for the shirt I want to wear today. While wearing it!
I've carried that sewing kit for years, first time I've used it.
Triple Entendre
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Come say hello!

Hello triple_entendre,

You are confirmed for the LiveJournal Meetup TOMORROW,
Tuesday, Apr 22 @ 8PM! Other LJ'ers are expecting you - don't
let them down!

Tuesday, Apr 22 @ 8PM --
Cafe Mundi
1704 E 5th St.
Austin, TX 78702
The Meetup spot at the venue: Entrance

To see who you'll be meeting up with check out:
And remember: It's not too late for more people
to join. Bring a friend or two!

Last minute change of plans? Can't make it this time? Let us
know here:
Cancel: http://livejournal.meetup.com/rsvp?e=433097&v=-1
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