April 20th, 2003


I used to have this quote on my wall

...back when I stuck everything on my walls. To be sitting at my desk was to be floating inside a box of made of information and Scotch tape.

I've got a sneaky admiration for Dan Rather because I'm never sure when he's going to go bonkers on you. He always looks like he's gonna just stop and say, 'All right, motherfuckers, here it comes. We've got the bodies in hangar 18, the government has been lying to you... ' And then they're going to drag him off.

Stephen King
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Torchy yay lamps

I remember when these lamps first caught on... it was Wal-Mart, of course... the torchiere style had been around for a while, but as imports, and in the $150+ range in lighting stores. The mass-produced $15-$35 models broke easily, caught things on fire, and tended to explode (the bulbs). Every so often they'll cook up a dust bunny, producing that something-is-burning smell that takes a while to locate.

If it's an older one, make sure it's not a Tensor "LT609N" or "LT609P"; 100,000 of those were recalled in 1996.

If your fixture is 250 watts or higher, Get a 100-watt bulb to replace the existing one.

If your torchiere lamp doesn't have a guard on it (it looks kind of like a catcher's mask), you can get them for free by calling (800) 985-2220.

Or, there's a better option available: buy a compact fluorescent torchiere lamp. Collapse ) Good Earth Lighting has a nice one for $49, looks just like the ordinary ones, or shop around...
Triple Entendre
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