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Observations from a random person via IM

(11:44:19) rpmlp: I know this is weird, but I've been LJ surfing and ran across your profile and notice how your Yahoo profile photo bears a resemblance to David Selby, the guy who portrayed Quentin Collins in "Dark Shadows." Check out
(11:44:41) rpmlp: Anyway, I better quit wasting time.
(22:05:30) Trip: hmm, eyes, jawline, dimple,... cheekbones a little lower, his chin is more prominent... ears about the same... interesting! enough differences that it's not uncanny, though. I've seen a few people, some famous, with the same features. The wierd guy in _American Beauty_, the one who films things? He could be my brother, by appearance.
(22:21:42) Trip: Mr. Selby's current photo in the upper left corner... he's looking kinda like Ralph Nader.
(00:13:45) rpmlp: I guess maybe you'll look like Ralph Nader when you're in your 60s.
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