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> On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 10:56:08AM -0700, C. D. wrote:
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> > An entry-level position with a progressive organization that will allow for professional growth and advancement within the company.
> *twitch*
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> G. M.

There sure are some resume-writing guidebooks out there that could use a rewrite.



Some cloth-based body coverings with fasteners that will allow for personal growth and facilitate locomotion.


An executive-level position with a regressive organization that will demoralize me, stifle professional growth
and fire me within 6 months.


I am interested in things.  I participate in a variety of activities that produce a sensation of enjoyment,
such as structured group activity and educational experiences.


This section is provided for you to include your own groupings of information that you feel may be
of interest to a potential employer. Be sure to remove any sections of this template that you won't
be using!


...Just to be fair, though, here's the same portion of my own, from about a year and a half ago
and already waay out of date:

I solve problems.  As a standards-oriented web developer and database programmer/analyst, I develop simple and robust applications for data entry, analysis, and reporting.  My designs bring the information to the surface without drawing attention to the interface.  I am fascinated by the possibilities of user-programmable, data-driven, rapid application development on intranets. I currently develop web-based and mobile solutions, and I am experimenting with frameworks such as J2ME, PalmOS, Plone (Python), and Ruby (Rails).

- In exasperation, I finally just added a long section to my resume entitled "KEYWORDS". No one seemed to notice the absurdity.
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