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(21:32:29) bootsmadeleine: Would you like to be my beneficiary should I pass on to the next world?
(21:34:38) Trip: you may list me, but i'd prefer to remain ignorant of it
(21:34:59) bootsmadeleine: how's come, if I may ask?
(21:35:53) Trip: an inverted version of the golden rule, i guess
(21:36:30) Trip: i list people close to me as beneficiaries
(21:36:59) Trip: but i don't mention it to them, because it requires no input from them
(21:37:36) bootsmadeleine: actually in this case it requires your DOB and SSN - Teacher Retirement System of TX
(21:37:41) Trip: if you present someone with information that requires no input from them, they will try to assign meaning to it
(21:37:50) Trip: ah
(21:38:10) bootsmadeleine: but I see your point
(21:38:32) bootsmadeleine: It's just that the only other people I'm close to are family and they're all a lot older than I am.
(21:38:48) Trip: upon reflection, i think i'd rather not, but for reasons that are kind of funny
(21:39:08) bootsmadeleine: only if I get to hear the funny part
(21:39:43) Trip: it's "The Fugitive" scenario
(21:40:42) Trip: if i discover (the fraudulent lack of) a cure for cancer, and you are assassinated by a one-armed man, i don't want to be falsely accused and put in prison
(21:41:09) bootsmadeleine: oh dear lord
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