Triple Entendre (triple_entendre) wrote,
Triple Entendre

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Ghost Town

I've always liked pictures of places where nature or entropy is slowly reclaiming territory, and Varosha/Maras is one. A place that has been, as Bruce Sterling put it, "eaten by its houseplants."

"Famagusta was occupied by the Turkish military during the invasion of the island by Turkey in 1974, in response to the Greek-backed coup. The Greek Cypriot inhabitants fled. Consequently, most of the then-modern part of the city, known as Varosha (Turkish: Maraş), was deserted, becoming a closed-off military zone, something which persists to this day. Varosha is often described as a "Ghost Town" as it has been frozen in time with department stores still full of clothes, now many years out of fashion and hotels still fully equipped."

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