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multiple mediums facilitate communication, or at least provide more fodder

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Nov. 19th, 2005 | 01:17 am
mood: drunkdrunk

(23:44:39) Trip: ohhhh
(23:44:43) caliedo: I'm around someplace ... leave a message and there's a good chance I'll get back to you.
(23:44:52) caliedo: gah!~
(23:45:02) caliedo: hello, you startled me :)
(23:45:11) Trip: on impulse we went to a local fancy italian restaurant
(23:45:20) Trip: *giggle*
(23:45:26) Trip: sorry to startle you
(23:45:30) Trip: boo!
(23:45:36) caliedo: 'sokay
(23:45:57) Trip: sooo much fatty dairy tomato-y goodness
(23:46:07) caliedo: :)
(23:46:14) Trip: and my favoritest ever
(23:46:18) Trip: creme brulee
(23:46:28) caliedo: almost makes me miss pasta
(23:46:36) Trip: not the BEST creme brulee in town
(23:46:38) Trip: but up there
(23:46:42) caliedo: altho I guess I could still have the tomato and cheese ...
(23:46:51) Trip: exactly, i had no pasta
(23:46:51) caliedo: I don't think I'm even sure what that is
(23:47:06) caliedo: it's a soup of some sort, yes?
(23:47:16) caliedo: sounds suspiciously french
(23:47:40) Trip: http://www.cremebrulee.com/
(23:47:43) Trip: haha
(23:47:53) caliedo: LOL
(23:47:59) Trip: very commercail but worth it tfor the URI
(23:48:10) Trip: ooh, i have the tipsy typos
(23:48:30) caliedo: so yes, soup, gotcha
(23:48:43) Trip: nope, a cold custard dessert
(23:48:57) caliedo: (and isn;t that the punch line of a blonde joke?)
(23:49:07) Trip: isn't everything?
(23:49:09) caliedo: never!
(23:49:14) caliedo: custard?!
(23:49:47) caliedo: why not just call it ... well, never mind. This is why I am not a chef
(23:50:19) Trip: oh, i can imagine
(23:51:11) Trip: asking you about one of your meals, well, i'm sure that would have unintended results
(23:51:30) Trip: you might list the ingredients and trivia related to them
(23:51:38) caliedo: LOL
(23:51:42) caliedo: I might
(23:51:46) Trip: ;)
(23:52:03) caliedo: or I might take the question in a direction you didn't expect ;)
(23:52:41) Trip: i would not be expecting that!
(23:52:46) Trip: by definition!
(23:53:01) Trip: hee hee
(23:53:10) caliedo: your acuity is astounding :)
(23:53:58) Trip: "Debbie Puente is the undisputed Queen of Crème Brûlée."
(23:54:09) caliedo: yeah, sez her
(23:54:16) Trip: i think we should start a dispute
(23:54:18) caliedo: I give her two falls out of three
(23:54:20) Trip: LOL
(23:54:36) Trip: the smart money's on you, haha
(23:54:44) caliedo: no doubt ;)
(23:54:59) Trip: you know, it's interesting
(23:55:14) caliedo: the article, or ... ? :)
(23:55:23) Trip: talking to you and granting you the 'aspie' label
(23:55:55) Trip: it makes me hyper-aware of just how completely inscrutable most of my phrasing can be
(23:56:06) caliedo: hm
(23:56:15) Trip: can you scrute it? can you?
(23:56:18) Trip: LOL
(23:56:21) caliedo: LOL
(23:56:37) caliedo: no I admit I cannot scrute effectively
(23:56:41) Trip: LOL
(23:56:55) caliedo: however I am open to learning new things
(23:57:09) Trip: that is a blessing and a kindness
(23:57:25) caliedo: and a necessity for survival ;)
(23:57:30) Trip: :)
(23:57:40) caliedo: also fun at parties
(23:57:46) Trip: trust me, you could get away with much worse
(23:57:51) Trip: fun at parties, LOL
(23:58:14) caliedo: I learned how to tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tongue at a party ...
(23:58:27) Trip: i'll bet
(23:58:41) Trip: also, you are hereby invited
(23:59:51) caliedo: well, ty
(00:00:10) caliedo: next time I am wandering through Texas I will keep that in mind ;)
(00:02:16) Trip: :D
(00:02:54) caliedo: you could learn too ... it's good for free drinks from drunk guys at bars
(00:03:41) Trip: i... you know, i bet that would work for me about half the time
(00:03:49) Trip: and get me beat up the other half
(00:03:55) caliedo: LOL
(00:04:00) caliedo: you *are* in texas ...
(00:04:24) caliedo: of course, if you were in the schoolgirl outfit, that might slide it to 60-40
(00:04:49) Trip: that's right. here, our repressed homosexuality *stays* repressed, damnit
(00:04:56) caliedo: LMAO
(00:05:01) Trip: although, i must admit
(00:05:13) Trip: i've done my share of carousing about town
(00:05:21) Trip: in my catholic schoolgirl outfit
(00:05:32) Trip: and no one so much as blinked an eye
(00:05:49) Trip: at a proper restaurant at 3am, no less
(00:05:58) caliedo: so had I , without a blink ... of course, I *was* a catholic schoolgirl ...
(00:07:10) Trip: LOL
(00:07:28) Trip: I was raised Catholic
(00:07:34) Trip: confirmed, also
(00:07:37) caliedo: my condolences
(00:08:12) caliedo: I think organized religion is a rotten thing to do to a kid
(00:08:42) Trip: and a convincing, rationalizing defender of the faith... until I finally figured out transubstansiation
(00:09:01) Trip: dude, if your religion needs a new word in the dictionary
(00:09:06) Trip: the you have a problem
(00:09:10) Trip: *then
(00:09:21) caliedo: ("that thing from the end of _Dogma_?" the heathen wonders)
(00:09:29) Trip: haven't seen it yet
(00:09:37) caliedo: erk
(00:09:45) caliedo: goodness
(00:09:49) Trip: so don't tell me
(00:09:50) Trip: :)
(00:09:58) caliedo: k
(00:10:17) Trip: bu ttransubst....trainstation, whatever
(00:10:29) caliedo: (and I do know what it is ... I didn't sleep through religion class, the teacher was too crafty)
(00:10:36) Trip: it is the mystical conversion of ... ah, ok
(00:10:41) caliedo: lol
(00:10:51) Trip: but i didn't understand that it was "no, seriously"
(00:10:59) Trip: ???
(00:11:04) Trip: "really!"
(00:11:17) caliedo: yeah, there's a lot of that in there ...
(00:11:26) Trip: but how can something that doesn't make sense in English be literally true?!
(00:11:36) Trip: i couldn't resolve that
(00:11:51) caliedo: "It's one of the beautiful mysteries of God"
(00:12:39) Trip: I might as well believe that "colorless green ideas sleep furiously"
(00:12:48) caliedo: they do!
(00:13:10) caliedo: that used to be my sig line for the longest time
(00:13:26) Trip: there's no God that could be pleased by such a belief, unless He is Salvador Dali
(00:13:31) Trip: rest his soul
(00:13:40) Trip: interesting
(00:14:10) Trip: Noam Chomsky is my Vice President in one of your alternate futures
(00:14:49) caliedo: funny, I don't recall you as president in any of my alternative futures
(00:14:59) caliedo: are you sure?
(00:15:01) caliedo: oh wait
(00:15:10) caliedo: texas ... presidency ...
(00:15:15) Trip: just how many of your alternate futures do you remember?
(00:15:16) caliedo: no, no, that wasn't you
(00:15:19) Trip: LOL
(00:15:22) caliedo: right now?
(00:15:27) caliedo: or just then?
(00:15:34) Trip: either, both
(00:15:50) caliedo: I'll round down to three
(00:15:54) Trip: LOL
(00:16:34) caliedo: usually it's about five, but generally they get rather mixed and hazy in the recollection
(00:16:38) caliedo: that's why I haven't won the lottery yet
(00:17:18) caliedo: and also why in high school I kept trying to open my locker with Pick-Four numbers
(00:18:14) Trip: you... seem to share my sense of humor
(00:18:30) Trip: should i be more worried for me, or for you?
(00:18:41) caliedo: LOL
(00:19:07) caliedo: I don't know ... I guess it will be determined by who turns out to be more contagious ;)
(00:19:38) Trip: ooh, you scoundrel... um, -ess
(00:20:06) caliedo: scoundreless?
(00:20:13) Trip: aagh
(00:20:14) caliedo: maybe two L's
(00:20:25) Trip: take two, they're small
(00:20:40) caliedo: but would that make me, then, a scoundrelmore?
(00:21:41) Trip: O Lord, forgive us our scoundrellessnessmesses
(00:22:07) caliedo: should I kneel? ;)
(00:22:13) Trip: *chuckle*
(00:22:21) Trip: as you wish
(00:22:40) caliedo: without a nun to glare at me I get lost during the aerobics
(00:23:05) Trip: now there's a precocious phrase
(00:23:52) Trip: " Put an archbishop there watching them, that'll take the curse off it."
(00:24:18) Trip: my Google-fu is even sharper when i'm drunk
(00:24:30) caliedo: LOL
(00:24:46) caliedo: googlemancy
(00:24:52) Trip: LOL
(00:24:57) Trip: magical, yes
(00:25:22) caliedo: (and there's that punch line again ...)
(00:26:29) Trip: why are we waiting in line for the punch? hurry up, people!
(00:26:52) caliedo: waiting for Judy?
(00:27:07) caliedo: whoa
(00:27:14) caliedo: guess I'm a bit punchy myself
(00:27:27) Trip: LOL
(00:27:43) Trip: *insert usericon of punching hand puppet*
(00:27:51) caliedo: LOL
(00:27:55) Trip: " There's this nude woman in a bath holding a bit of your string. That's great, great, but we need a doctor, got to have a medical opinion."
(00:28:28) Trip: ahem
(00:28:29) Trip: sorry
(00:28:34) Trip: http://bau2.uibk.ac.at/sg/python/Scripts/InstantRecordCollection/TheAdvertisingSketch
(00:28:46) Trip: " Shut up, shut up, shut up! Sex, sex sex, must get sex into it."
(00:29:25) caliedo: LOL
(00:30:47) Trip: Surgeon General's Warning: Excessive use may cause quoting of Monty Python sketches
(00:30:58) caliedo: LOL indeed
(00:31:19) caliedo: there are worse things to quote, however
(00:31:35) caliedo: please don't find them
(00:31:41) Trip: ROFL

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