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He's slipped, into a comma

I dreamed, I guess it was in the future, because there was this little laser pointer gadget which had a beam that would heal injuries slowly and it would automatically track and aim at the location of injury, pulling at your hand like a divining rod while playing the beam over a cut or scrape... If you left it going it would also attempt minor cosmetic surgery as well....

Anyway I dreamed the perfect computer interface... weightless, an overlay to what you were seeing, I remember a super high resolution network of edges and lines, with most nodes containing a word or keyword. Anywhere your gaze lingered would crackle with possibilities and display more depth of connections, to other concepts, examples, pictures, imagine the visual thesaurus,'s Personalbrain, the movie Waking Life, and the sub-vocal interface described in David Brin's _Earth_, a Jazz quartet, time-lapse nature photography, and Attack of the Mutant Camels by Jim Butterfield, you'll start to get the idea.

It was pure brainstorming projected into a quivering, shifting, mostly two-dimensional display. It was clearly something more than gaze-driven, because, like Brin's, the display would unceasingly shift and alter, trying its best to express just the information you were looking for or thinking of. Parts you were certain of would hesitate, remain, change less, while the other networks would increase in activity, excited to have gotten part of it right. The network of words and lines was made up of white text over mostly primary colors, it seemed to form a substrate for the rest of the information, but was just as expressive and random and shifting as the rest of the imagery and content. It was quite clearly made of the sharp lines of a liquid crystal TFT display, but extremely fine, several times sharper than today's displays. (But then again, I'm nearsighted, so the crispness of normal vision impresses me.) The effect made it pleasurable just to look at, the way a new arcade game or a movie can impress and hold the attention just by having better rendering and special effects than to which the eye is accustomed.

This came up incidentally in some other dream, but I remember realizing what I was looking at, forgot the rest of the other dream for the most part, and tried to explore the mechanics of the interface. The three-dimensional aspect was pretty simple, perhaps primitive -- forward motion was driven by gaze, speed by widening or narrowing of the eyes (the more 'interested' you were, the faster someplace or thing would draw nearer), while I surmised that 3-D rotation and panning was still achieved with a traditional computer mouse in the Doom/Quake 'mlook' style.

I suppose if you stare hard enough at something, it might crack open around the edges to reveal something like what I'm describing. Was it the red pill or the blue pill? And why hasn't anyone had the guts to appropriate that scene for marketing commercial drugs? Little yellow different better? And NyQuil is still green. No, I didn't take any, I'm like this all the time, I just don't usually express it. :)

If you're good, I'll go back and properly hyperlink and annotate these references. ;)

Triple Entendre
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