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Gong Show

aethyrflux came by and told me about a gong show (talent show, if the judges ring the gong you get booted off) being put on by people we know. He'd only just heard about it himself and it was starting in 15 minutes. Did I want to go?

Well, I knew the answer, and I knew the answer was wrong. Go somewhere? Do something? No! My instinct is still to hide away, where I don't have to make any decisions or figure out who people are or what they're trying to say.

I hesitated, and I remembered sea_of_change's declaration some time ago about saying yes to things. Just saying yes. A rule I doubt I can hold to, but I followed it this time. "uh. ... ...Yes!" I said. "Just a second, let me put this up..." and I put my dinner plate in the fridge and off we went.

I was so glad I went! As we walked up, we saw calamityjune, who needstohavesomewordswithus, doiknowaboutthisotherthingokayshe'llcatchmeuplater, hugs and kisses.

We had arrived just as things were about to start. They continued to be about to start for another hour or two. There were only two acts signed up at first, and the MC called to the crowd for more, on his megaphone. "Just come stand up here," he said. "You don't even have to do anything. Read your driver's license to us. You'll get a prize."

"The things I'm good at don't really lend themselves to the stage," I told heatherthegreat and delia_deville. But I finally had an idea. Flipped back through pages of this journal, out there in the woods with my Treo 650, looking for something I could read on stage. Finally I found something that would work. (delia_deville had to leave for a bachelorette party, so I told her she could have a private reading, later. Maybe she'll hold me to that.) I chose to read my "Instant Coffee Commitment". It's a song, but it worked okay as spoken word. I was nervous. Unexpectedly so. Something about putting my words onstage was far more raw and scary than, say, doing a striptease. But I gave up hesitation a long time ago. These days I gleefully head towards the things I fear. As I read the words into the borrowed megaphone, I tried to channel the nervous energy into projecting the caffeinated bitterness of the song. (I figured the horrible puns would make it across a straight reading, which temujin9 later confirmed.)

I got more compliments than I knew what to do with, some from people I don't know, even. I have again been encouraged to make it into a Real Song. I saw a bunch of friends, was brave in several excellent ways, got hugs and kisses from pretty girls, and helped Make Things Happen.

All this from a "yes".
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