Triple Entendre (triple_entendre) wrote,
Triple Entendre

for /L %v in (99,-1,0) do @echo %v bottles of beer

Me: Well, we can make a subdirectory called cd03 and move these directories in there. Then you can just type autorotate cd03

CoWo: We'll have to start this one over, then. But then it'll start from the beginning, and do 1-3 over again.

Me: Yeah... but that's okay, since it'll skip over each one as it recognizes that it's already done it. But that does take some time. What I'd actually do is a little different but not important. And it's not something we want to make part of the standard procedure.

CoWo: What would you do?

Me: Well, I'd just [begins writing in random order on paper pad] (for /L in %v (4,1,9)

CoWo: ohmigod

Me: do autorotate cd03_s000%v) && (for /L in %v (10,1,37) do autorotate cd03_s00%v)

Me: [explains the above which is actually nothing special]

CoWo: I would never even have thought about it that way! I can understand this [points at paper], but I have to concentrate and make my brain work differently!

...the second time in as many days someone has told me my brain works in a way that they understand but that their own brain would never have done.
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