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momentOS: the freshmaker operating system

I can say accurate things, but not well. Well, I mean well; I mean, well

Yay. I can relate to this sentence.

That sentence is pretty out-there; I'm sure it is astonished but welcomes the company!

And my question is: What are some of your most favorite moments to share with other beings?

What a wonderful question. In the process of answering it, I realized I could write a book. It might be fun to expand upon each of these. Here's a first sketch:

some of my most favorite moments to share with other beings

shared intention, of all sorts.

there should be something in here about love. it's all love, right?

the inappropriate giddiness of sleep deprivation.

unguarded truths: mental sparring where you intentionally let your guard down because you need to let something hit you.

sleeping. next to.

hugs that last an extra second or three.

teh sex0rz. It's true, empaths do have more fun.

compersion taken to its logical extreme: finding your S.O. a date, etc. (this could be an entire list itself)

adopt-a-geek: I come over to your house and ignore you while I work on a project.

reverse adopt-a-geek: You come over to my house and ignore me while you work on a project.

geek quality time: Hanging out inside each other's personal space (bedroom or secret laboratory), working on personal projects but keeping an eye on the other person's progress. No deadlines, no plans, but mutual witnessing. "Hey, look at this!" Event-driven conversations that start and stop freely. Sort of a superset of Pair Programming. Pair Geeking? Sublime, purest hedonism. I have a girl buddy I can do this with for days at a time.

quiet walks through places of impossibly stunning natural beauty: a redwood forest, mountains, exotic gardens

DJ-ing impromptu dance parties

Saying the Simplest Thing That Could Possibly Work (often by Induced Cognitive Dissonance)

Rereading this list, it reminds me of that "Sunscreen" song. I never wear sunscreen.


P.S. - Thank you for phrasing your question "some of". This made it possible to answer.

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