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Single Entendre

I have quite a lot of undirected sexual energy this morning.
It's not relevant to anything I'm doing at the moment.
Hoo boy. Horny.1 One of those days I guess.2

I am not involved with anyone locally, and furthermore am still a hermit, and even further furthermore am fairly sexually conservative compared to my peers, so this is a feeling that goes unfulfilled unless I take matters into my own hands. But I think today I'll sit with this feeling for a while, and grok it in its fullness.
Breathe deeply and slowly.34

Something to keep in mind (or not!), if you see me today. Do Not Taunt Happy Fun Balls! Sometimes I get these tiny little convulsions, a momentary shiver. I get more of them when I'm feeling like this.

Growwrowowrr rrr....

Yes, that's my leonine, deep, throaty purr.

(ha ha! I said "deep throat-y")

Oh! Well, duh. Time to do some work on that (incipient) Very Special section of my perrsonal website. That should "help". Hooray for appropriate channeling of energy!


1. On LJ, everyone knows you're horny.
2. Oh, and I'm not complaining, mind you. No stereotypical male unconscious expectations here. I just like to share.
3. Remember to breathe at all, for that matter. It's a wonder I'm still alive.
4. Footnote footnotes for the footnotes fetishists!
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