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Eligibility, Elegies, and Legibility

A few days ago, I found myself making the claim that I am or have been "off the market". If you know what I mean. Which you don't, because of my fondness for lazy metaphor over details. I'm talking about romance.1

(Sorry about that, but that tendency is not likely to change. I get more Zen all the time.... It's why I'm still here; the Universe thinks I'm a good audience.)

Anyway, it's not quite accurate to say I'm "off the market". What would be accurate, I cannot say. Well, I mean to say, I can say accurate things, but not well. Well, I mean well; I mean, well.

Maybe the best I can do for now is answer direct, specific questions. So ask me ask me ask me, if you're curious. Right here in this journal entry if you like.


1. And quality time of any sort, really.
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