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Comments/editing please: Does this read okay?

Sasona Coöperative
Live with your friends! Freak-friendly, fun yet serious, crazy yet saner than most modern living arrangements. Hang out in the common areas or stay in your room(s), according to your mood.

Sasona Coöperative is a non-student 17 member housing coöperative in the southern Zilker park neighborhood. We are a non-profit coöperative whose purpose is to provide affordable room and board to any interested persons in the community, and to empower those persons by encouraging direct participation.

Sasona Cooperative provides individual rooms in a spacious, democratically run, member-owned household. While each of the rooms is located within the house, each member of the house has an independent lease for residence, making this an appealing alternative to traditional apartment housing. Voluntary (but recommended) attendance meetings are held each Sunday evening to discuss issues/events of the membership's choosing.

Rent is based on room size. Rooms are currently available ranging from $410-$560 per month. Doubles are available at lower effective rates. Everyone is welcome, including families, children, and pets. (Dog owners note: The backyard is fenced.)

In addition to monthly rent, members of the house are required to participate in labor hours (it's only a “chore” if you're doing something you don't like!) each week. The members of the house organize tasks such as light cleaning and maintenance, administrative tasks, and cooking meals. A vegetarian meal is prepared and served each evening, and the restaurant-style kitchen is fully stocked at all times for the convenience of the members. Through participation in house meetings and taking initiative as needed, each member has a direct effect on how the house operates. It is very much a 'do-ocracy'. Monthly rent covers all utilities, laundry, house phone, ethernet/internet in all rooms, and use of common indoor and outdoor spaces.

The house is a sprawling one-story space located on an acre of tree-shaded land in the southern end of the Zilker Park neighborhood. The house features 17 private rooms, as well as 3 common living rooms, 4 porches, 3 and two half baths, and the aforementioned giant kitchen. The yard is almost entirely shaded by large live oak trees, other than the parking lot and gardens at the front of the property. There are storage sheds located in the rear of the property for the convenience of the members.

Associate memberships are also available if you would like to participate in meals and house facilities without living in the house.

House meetings are held each Sunday evening, so stop by and check us out. Ask anyone who lives here to give you a tour.

Contact Trip (trip at sasona dot org) for more information.

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