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I love it that we call them "prompts":>

I've moved my personal virtual "home", which as always is some sort of remotely accessible command-line shell environment, to another server recently. I'm still not completely moved in, but I've resumed my use of "screen" [insert link here], an application which is hard to explain, but if you aren't familiar with it, this post won't mean much to you anyway. So I'd gotten the part set up where I always start up a "screen" session when I log in, but I'd forgotten to set up the "power detach-and-reattach" part, which has the effect of letting you pick up where you left off after getting disconnected.

So today I got that set up, and screen helpfully tells me

There are several suitable screens on:
13574.pts-7.cp (Detached)
7548.pts-7.cp (Detached)
11783.pts-7.cp (Detached)
27672.pts-7.cp (Detached)
9791.pts-7.cp (Detached)
13255.pts-14.cp (Attached)
Type "screen [-d] -r [pid.]" to resume one of them.

I've been reattaching them one by one, and each time there's a flash of recognition in my brain. "I remember this! This is from when I was working on such-and-such idea, and poking around in xyz directory, and oh wow, that was two weeks ago! I did this and that, and there are still unresolved issues a, b, and c! Ah, here's a scrap of email I was writing! Here's a half-edited config file I've since rewritten! careful, don't save that."

And so on.

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