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Where was the baby Jesus when the lights went out?

This made me giggle: it's a filk, by flick, of "American Pie (a.k.a. The Day the Music Died)" by Don McLean, about this weekend's 24+ hour LJ power out(r)age. Short exerpt:

A long, long time ago...
I can still remember how
Our LJs used to make us smile.
And I knew if Brad had his chance,
That he could make those servers dance,
And maybe we'd be blogging for a while.

But InterNap made LJ shiver,
There were no pages to deliver,
No gossip on our browsers
About who lost their trousers...

I can't remember if I cried
When I saw my page request denied
But I had to face the world outside,
The day that LJ died.

and my favorite bit:

I was a lonely teenage baby goth
With a black carnation and a smokers' cough
but I was even more pissed off
The day that LJ died

Go read it, there are some good bits, especially if you hum the tune along with it.

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