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Solstice Celebration 2004

Thanks to reinaness and solractwin for welcoming me (and a great many others) to their home to witness this.

What is it?
We light hundreds and hundreds of candles
and watch them till they burn out and try not to burn down the house.
It can be very meaningfull or spritual or it can be just a lot of fire.
Whatever you need.

What is it for?
For the past several years I have taken time
out of the busy holiday season to honor those people
who have been important to me in the past year.
This is not a party.
It is a gift I give to you because
you have been a part of making my life
the wonderous thing it is.

In return, I offer this:

"Since early this morning I have been in the living
room with my candles—
a tasteful bouquet of burning candles

—hundreds, possibly thousands of them—
as well as rolls and rolls of angry, rattling
tinfoil and stacks of disposable pie plates...
a flat surface covered with tinfoil trays of candles, with a row of people, holding individual candles. We don't see their faces.

...I've been placing candles on every flat surface available,
the foils not only protecting surfaces from dribbling wax
but serving as well to double the candle flames
via reflection.
more trays of candles viewed through the giant twisty flame of a several larger candles burning together

Candles are everywhere: on the piano, on the
bookshelves, on the coffee table, on the mantelpiece,
in the fireplace, on the windowsill....
candles are everywhere

Have you ever tried to light thousands of candles? It
takes longer than you think.... I light them all, and
I can feel the room heating up....
more blazing candles, looking quite hot

...I can see that [my family] have rounded the corner
and can see and feel the buttery yellow pressure of
flames dancing outward from the living room door....
buttery yellow candles casting an unaltered yellow glow everywhere

...the three of them enter the room, speechless,
turning in slow circles, seeing the normally dreary
living room covered with a molten living cake-icing of
white fire, all surfaces devoured in flame—
an overexposed photo of blazing white candlelight

giant flames wavering upward from bundles of tall, thick candles, towering over trays of tealights

a dazzling fleeting empire of ideal light."
—Douglas Coupland, Generation X
dozens of candles viewed fuzzily through a wineglass
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