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The Internet Is Shiny

There's a certain flow (or anti-flow) I get into sometimes, when browsing the web. I'm opening page after page, finding lots of good information and lots of what a detective would call "leads". Important things, things that are relevant to ongoing projects, things  I  want  to explore  further, things I want  to write about, pages with resources I can  use later.

But  there's something  missing: I've been  at the computer too long, and my follow-through energy has been used up. So I accumulate dozens of open windows full of this stuff until the computer finally crashes in protest.  Back when I used MSIE, you could  only open about  12  browser windows  before a crash. Now , with  FireFox and  tabbed browsing, I  can get  up to  hundreds of tabs before a crash, and  there are ways to recover the set of tabs post-crash,   unlike MSIE.

I've built my own bookmarklet for use with which is ALMOST shiny enough to keep up with the shininess of the interweb.  ALMOST. It gives me a quick and easy way to harvest these links without tripping a breaker on the follow-through. I should write    up these tools I've made and share them for the two  or three (million?) of you who share this problem.   I have not  done so yet because I don't love you none.

No, seriously though, I'll write  it up  and put it in here.  Later. I do love you.

My spacebardoes not love me.  As you maybe have noticed. But it'll take an hour or so to disassemble and clean this laptop to fix  that.... meantime I can just TYPE HARDER

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