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Call for recommendations: insanely restrictive firewall software for windows

Most firewall software for windows is designed to be convenient and easy to use. This is accomplished by having the software not actually do much of anything.

I used to use one that circulated widely in the computer underground called "AtGuard". That one was bought out, renamed, and made more convenient and easy to use.

So. The idea here is, no traffic goes out, at the lowest level possible, unless I confirm it. I don't care if you (little program) say you're part of the Operating System, no one calls home without my say-so.

What firewall software for windows do you recommend?

I made a typo in my 'Current Music' field. I had 'A Flock of Seahulls', rather than 'Seagulls'. Interesting because of what a 'hull' is!
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