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Starting Friction

I need to find ways to lower the barrier to entry here, the amount of effort and will it takes to get an entry made and posted. So many times my thoughts race with ideas and insights, and I'll even frame those thoughts in terms of a Livejournal entry. But at the time I'm nowhere near a computer, am I? No, that's no excuse, I have a Treo 300 strapped to my hip that is perfectly capable of accepting an entry at a respectable 30wpm.

I'll try a mini-recorder. Or maybe leave myself voicemails.*

Triple Indenture

* I used to leave myself wake-up call voicemails when I used an Octel system that allowed you to leave *future* messages.

Me: (sleepily) "Hello?"
Me': "Wake up. It's time to go to work."
Me: "ah!"

When I would hear myself dryly saying "Wake up. Time to go to work," I knew I was right. Rationalizing my way back under the blankets wasn't an option -- I'd already decided to get up, right? Exactly intense enough of a strange experience to get me started, without much effort.
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