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I want -> I Search

I'm looking at a web page that has a short list of links to MP3 files. I want to download them. I consider right-clicking each one and choosing "Save Link Target As..." . I am feeling lazy. I think, "there's a way to get the computer to do that for me." I can use the mouse to select all that text that the links are in... Then I should be able to say, "I want THESE!" So, off to Google. search for a combination of words that I believe would only appear together in a web page that contains the answer. On the third try, I get a discussion page about Linky. Ding! One click on the xpi and Mozilla now knows how to do this. Except now I have to actually close Mozilla to get the new context menu. Time to process/close out/bookmark the 23 gazillion trains of thought I was surfing in five browser windows with about ten tabbed pages in each... Thank goodness (or laziness) for the "Bookmark this group of tabs" feature....

This paragraph looks up at the previous one: look at all those nouns! And only one helpful link! I almost feel guilty every time I refer to anything without putting a link behind it.... meh. There are browser plug-ins you can use to find the things I'm "blogging". Just dump my posts into Google and see what comes up.

Triple Entendre
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