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21st Street Co-op Ramble

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Mar. 16th, 2003 | 09:24 pm
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I lived at 21st Street co-op from '92 to '99 or so -- around 7 years. I was the least-controversial yet radical Libertarian non-political Food Buyer ever, for two of those years, and the 'PC Guru' for many more. Hmm, I still need to give them the key that unlocks the security cables to those PCs.... :) :)

I was also the Subcommittee Rep to the Board of Directors for much of that time. I served on the Membership, Education, and Marketing subcommittee, where I represented my co-op's interests thoroughly by preventing that subcommittee from doing much. (They always wanted to make rules. *Our* co-op (of the five total) didn't like outside rules, yet we were Draconian Darwinists with our simple house labor policies. The only way to win at the board level was not to play.) :) Themes here: as few rules as possible, repeated and publicized, harshly enforced. I myself cast a motion in a house meeting that would result in my possible eviction. I guess I was playing Socrates there, but I was let off the hook, partly because of that double-dare. :)

House meetings would perennially argue over policy, some of which we managed to write down. As the years went by I took great glee in calmly prepending my opinion on the issue with, "Well... when I wrote the policy, what I intended was...." I quote a fellow resident: "He's a one-man bureaucracy!"

I was eventually nudged gently out of the food buyer position by several concerned friends who saw that I was working myself to death, or at least to the walking zombie of sleep deprivation. I met two of my eventual girlfriends during that time due largely to the punchy goofiness of sleep-dep. :) My successor convinced me that she would carry on my policies -- and so she did, with her own touches.

Geez, sounds like it's time to put me out on the front porch of a little house in Hyde Park, in a rocking chair, telling stories.... ;)

Triple Entendre

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Chef Monkey

Well... when I wrote the policy...

from: chefmonkey
date: Apr. 2nd, 2003 02:13 pm (UTC)

I find a great deal of sympathetic glee in this description.

There have been many times when I'll find myself in an argument with people unaware of the fact that I am one of the authors of the specification under discussion. There is an astonishing change in attitude when I finally start a one of my points with, "when I wrote that, what was intended was..."

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