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I can really, really identify with this. Here's just two aspects out of 6 or 7 I could write:

Don't I know you?
I am constantly told that I remind people of someone or other they know. "He even has that same shirt!" So far, it's always someone across the country, although for a while, during a time when I frequented a gossipy coffeehouse, I had a doppelganger who was sometimes observed having coffee with a doppelganger of my then-girlfriend. I have at least two "dating equivalents"; you're dating one of them I think. ;-) My ex-wife has or had a women's discussion group made up almost entirely of ex-girlfriends of mine.

Name That Freak
Even more common than a physical resemblance is a name conflict -- especially as the world continues to shrink.

When I was dating Psyche, I discovered there was another (though less well known) Psyche in Austin. When I brought it up, she refused to hear or think of it, and I quickly dropped the matter. :-)

But you're not that guy! Oh, you're THAT Guy.
I had to change my nickname ("THAT Guy") because I discovered the guy at; I had to concede to myself that he really was "that guy" -- domain names are case-insensitive -- and I was not. For one thing, he'd been called that for at least two years before I was given the nickname.

AND he already had his Burning Man photos up from two years before I first went (I've been to the last nine), back when they still had guns.

Aw, dude! Since I last checked, he's written a gazillion books, lost his website, partially restored it, had a kid (, recovered from lung cancer and run a marathon. Sheesh.

Looks like he might not be aware that his stuff is archived on the wayback machine. I'll drop him a line.

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