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The Universe is (Independently) Contracting Again

Hello, I'm back.

That week-long contract was pretty intense. I'd forgotten how much I love what I do for a living, I do, aww but boy does trying to adhere to a regular sleep schedule throw me out of whack.

Thursday and Friday were the roughest, as the work combined with other responsibilities I have chosen for myself kept me busy for those two days straight, with no time for sleeping. Friday night I finally slept, and did not wake until last night, some 18 or 19 hours later.

Which brings up the question: was I in whack to begin with? Is it whack, or wack? Should I seek treatment for a "sleep disorder"? Or just stick with the make-my-own-schedule independent-contractor sort of plan I've followed for most of my professional life? Um, as if that were a plan rather than the Universe's reaction to me.
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