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the first fully self-sufficient anarchist digital video studio on wheels

This is wonderful. Say, do any of you know these guys?

On a related note, I want to own a bus. A short bus.

The bus belongs to LAFCO, the LA Film-makers' Coop, which was founded in 2000 and whose aim is to allow people to make films for virtually nothing. Inside the bus, apart from a disarmingly friendly bulldog called Diego, is a complete editing and post-production suite, film library and recording booth, making it in the words of its founders, "the first fully self-sufficient anarchist digital video studio on wheels."

LAFCO was founded by Tao Ruspoli, a 26-year-old Italian born in Thailand and raised in Rome and the States, where he studied philosophy at Berkeley, and a friend, Alfonso Gordillo, also 26, a Swiss-Spanish film-maker who studied film at the University of California in LA. Ruspoli, who was originally a documentary film-maker, was always attracted to the nomadic life and found, via eBay, a 1984 Chevy Blue Bird school bus in Colorado which he has since transformed into a travelling studio and home. He and Gordillo have since been joined in their venture by an Australian experimental film-maker, Julian Dahl, and a photographer and designer from LA called Roger Mona Webster.

Their aim is to demystify the film-making process and enable people who would never otherwise get near a camera to make their own movies. This process of 'fly film-making', making a whole movie sometimes in a few days, is open to whoever they bump into who has an idea. To this end, the bus travels round the United States, much in the manner of Ken Kesey's 60s Merry Pranksters, stopping in small towns and inviting locals to create their own short film. The team help them make and edit the film, and then show it "in barns, in bars, sometimes even in cinemas." Some of their films are also shown on the internet.


(via this post by crasch)
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