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"XQuery will be worse, not better, than SQL."

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Aug. 5th, 2004 | 04:11 am
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Finally someone explains how XML is crap using ideas I can understand. Interestingly, they shoot down SQL as well because it fails to implement the One True Relational Model.

This all sort of explains why my XML exposure has been like this: load up the XML file in a text editor or an IDE that runs slow as molasses (because it's working on a huge huge file of redundant text -- it's like running uncompiled code!), figure out an XSL transform to make it look like a set of MSAccess tables, and import them to Access. Now all the implicit things become explicit, and speedy, too. Ahh. Now we can ask the data what it means.

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Triple Entendre


from: triple_entendre
date: Oct. 24th, 2004 11:48 pm (UTC)

I have trawlers in geeky news lists that include specialties such as RSS and metablogging and web searching technology; I'm sure an alpha geek must have mentioned it in one of those.

My experience: it looks nifty, but I haven't checked to see if anyone's using my feed from it in quite a while. I'm interested in their new feed-combining feature.

Why I started using it: I liked that it lets you know how many people access the feed, and that it makes the feeds self-documenting by including styles for it, so the raw feed renders in a browser all pretty. And whatever new tweaks they'd come up with. Oh, and so that I could repoint the feed if I moved it, so readers wouldn't have to change anything.

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